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Frequently Asked Questions

Why get lash extensions?

A Eyelash extensions are a quick and affordable way to completely change your look, taking years off your appearance. The natural look of your eyelash extensions will fool even your closest friends and family.

Do eyelash extensions cause damage?

If done correctly, you can wear eyelash extensions for years with no adverse side effects and they can be removed without damaging your natural lashes.

Do I ever have to take them off to let my lashes "breathe"?

No. Natural eyelashes cycle out every 90-120 days. As you receive your lash maintenance, you are continually receiving a fresh new set of lashes.


What's the difference of a LiquiFan Lashes® application?

Each individual eyelash extension is bonded to one natural lash within our patented system that dries instantly. This avoids unsightly clumping and uncomfortable results. If you have ever had a past lash application that was painful and itchy, it was likely because more than one of your natural lashes was glued together and growing at different rates, causing discomfort. Our instant cure system alleviates this problem.

How long do extensions last?

Eyelash extensions can last indefinitely, if maintained with proper home care and lash fill appointments every 2-4 weeks.

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