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Rates & Info Below!

InfraMat Sessions

Initial 25% Off


20 Minute Pain & Stress Management Sessions

1 - $40

3 - $120

10 - $350 


20 Minute Pain & Stress Management Sessions

with Head & Neck Massage

1 - $90

3 - $270

10 - $850 

5 Therapies in 1

Completely relax your mind and body with the soothing qualities of the heated gemstone pad. As the 13lbs of gemstones are heated, their benefits are amplified - releasing negative ions and far-infrared rays which can boost your energy and improve wellness. Take advantage of the PEMF settings which result in enhanced cellular detox, better uptake of nutrients, improved immunity and more... leaving you restored and refreshed!


-Hot stone therapy utilizing amethyst, jade and tourmaline.
-Far-infrared therapy to reduce inflammation and stiffness.
-Negative Ion therapy which activates circulatory system

and releases stored up toxins.
-PEMF therapy stimulates bone growth and cellular repair.
-Photon therapy increases collagen production 

and helps rejuvenate tissue.

Add the Inframat to your lash sessions or come in for a 20 minute pain and stress management session. We are also offering sessions with head and neck messages. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and call or message us for more details!

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